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Runtime: 1:33:59
Country: United States
Genre: Horrors
Year: 2011
Director: Ariel Schulman
Audio: ffaac, 149 kb / s
Starring: Jessica Brown, Grady Sprague, Hallie Foote, Dustin Ingram, Vasily Zotov, Brian Boland, Lauren Bittner, Joanna E. Breddi, Christopher Nicholas Smith, Kathy Fizerston, Vasilisa Voronina, Tatiana Shitova


An excellent film in the horror genre, filmed in America. It is a prequel to the previous two parts. Paranormal Activity 3 pseudo documentary. It all starts with the fact that Kathy brings Kritsti and Daniel, her husband a box of video cassettes. A year later, records disappear after the break at home. Long before that, the sisters live with their mother, Julie. Once Christy starts to communicate with an invisible friend named Toby. A friend of their mother Dennis notes that after the appearance of the other in the house begin to make things unexplained. Once it happens that while shooting video is an earthquake, and Geli throws the camera on and run with Dennis girls. The camera captures it all on video clearly shows how the dust from the ceiling nada an invisible figure. Dennis leads it, and requests for advice from other Randy. He proposes to put the camera. Soon, everyone notices that someone's house there. The camera often captures the movement, but no one in the video. Since then, the place really terrible things in the flesh to death, living in the house. On the tapes, which were imported and were all the deaths and horrific form of the phenomena in the house. Would you like to enjoy this truly fascinating horror Paranormal Activity 3 (2011), then you have the opportunity to watch movies online. You will not regret choosing this film. He will make the way you have to shiver, if you believe in such. With the help of this site you can download Paranormal Activity 3 full free movie in HD.

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