Atomic Dog Download for free HD

Atomic Dog Download for free HD

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Genre: Fantasy
Runtime: 1:23:29
Country: United States
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Year: 1998
Audio: faad, 97 kb / s
Starring: Daniel Hugh Kelly, Isabella Hofmann, Cindy Pickett, Mick Gardner, Cathy Stewart, Daryl Hayes, Scott Olynek, Ryan Northcott, Matt Clark, Hal Kerbes, JS Roberts, Andy Curtis


Reality Bites. Especially when the dog, man's best friend, is reincarnated into a terrible nightmare. Shortly after moving to a quiet town near the nuclear power plant, the family Yates becomes the victim of the terror when their dog brings two cute puppies. Nightmare is represented by the father of puppies, dog living at the nuclear plant. He said the station his patrimony and wants to return the puppy back. Nothing will stop the diabolical creation toward the goal. With the help of specialists who study animal behavior, the family Yates is trying to do the impossible and stop the fiend. But the triumph of terror is only beginning. With the help of you can download Atomic Dog free full movie in HD quality.

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