Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten Download 1080p full movie

Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten Download 1080p full movie

Movie Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten torrent HD

Audio: MP3, 48 kb / s
Genre: Documentary
Year: 1984
Director: Werner Herzog
Runtime: 00:44:08
Country: Germany (FRG)
Starring: Werner Herzog, Denis Raychli


This is the story of the civil war in Nicaragua between the Nicaraguan government and the CIA supported Miskito Indians ... Those who remember the Sandinistas and Ollie North, should see Herzog interviews with 11-13-year-old Nicaraguan contras from among the natives. Watching these children, dodge, when asked, clinging answers from the set of standard phrases that drove them in the head, is shown directly and sharply. They look to the instructors from the CIA behind their backs, when asked what is this or that phrase. With the help of you can download Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten full HD movie.

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