Barquero Download in HD quality torrent

Barquero Download in HD quality torrent

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Runtime: 1:44:49
Director: Gordon Douglas
Genre: Western
Country: United States
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Year: 1970
Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Warren Oates, Forrest Tucker, Kerwin Mathews, Meriett Hartley, Marie Gomez, Armando Silvestri, John Davis Chandler, Craig Littler, Ed Baicoi Richard Lapp, Harry Lowther


A small town near the border with Mexico is experiencing an attack of bandits, rebels. Seized weapons, they move to the border, in order to go to Mexico and continue its revolutionary struggle. Like all revolutionaries, they are hard-nosed people and not stopping at nothing. But stumble upon one errant obstacle - the ferryman Barkuero. He does not want to share their revolutionary views and give them your steam. Another way to cross the river is impossible ... With the help of you can download Barquero full movie in HD.

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