Bu Er Shen Tan Download free movie HD

Bu Er Shen Tan Download free movie HD

Movie Bu Er Shen Tan torrent HD

Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Director: Tse Ming Wong
Runtime: 1:32:43
Year: 2013
Country: China
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jet Li, Zhang Wen, Cecilia Liu, Michelle Chen, Yan Liu, Aaron Chang, Singh Hartihan Beatty Colin Chow, Lik-Sun Background, Stephen Fung, Huang Xiaoming, Raymond Lam


When sweeping through Hong Kong wave of terrible murders, the case is assigned to two troubled cop. This is a young troublemaker offering experienced Wang Huan, who was fed up with recklessness junior partner, constantly draws them both into trouble. Once it becomes clear that all the victims were former boyfriend ambitious and promising young actress Liu, their investigation comes to a standstill, and detectives must begin a deadly game - to lure the killer, one of them will have to pass himself off as a lover Liu. With the help of this site you can download Bu Er Shen Tan free full movie in HD.

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