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Year: 1966
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Director: Leon Jeannot
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1:18:54
Country: Poland
Starring: Barbara Brylska, Holger Malih, Zdzislaw Karchevsky Vladislav Krasnovetsky Paul Galya, Rudolf Ulrich, Joerg Knochen, Adam Dzeshinsky Vladislav Glombik Victor Grotovich Stanislav Eagar, Krzysztof Litwin


It took more than 20 years since the war ended. In the Polish city of Wroclaw (former German Breslau) again come to the Germans: one - as tourists, others - to examine their former homes and castles ... In Wroclaw there is a young German from West Germany Kurt and meets a beautiful intern of the Hotel Eve. Kurt's parents asked their son to photograph the former home (now the shop is the father of Eva) and go to the grave of the grandmother. Some West Germans still hope to return to Breslau, warm memories of their youth. But Kurt do not care about all this, and he does not remember the war and little is know about it. He is only interested in beauty-Polka ... With the help of this site you can download Bumerang free HD movie.

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