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Director: Harold Ramis
Country: United States
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1:38:00
Year: 1980
Starring: Chevy Chase, Rodney Deyndzherfild, Ted Knight, Michael O'Keefe, Bill Murray, Sarah Holcomb, Scott Colomby, Cindy Morgan, Dan Resin, Henry Wilcoxon, Elaine Aiken, Albert SELMA


Golf ... calm, measured and intelligent sport ... Certainly not! In our club of fans of this game boil unprecedented passion! For example, Carl Spakler Mad field superintendent, has announced World War III ... gopher-terrorist. A judge Smaylz important so obsessed with the game that does not notice how his pretty niece lascivious glances at local men. A smug playboy Ty Webb? He was well he has the ball, but does not suspect that he himself soon napoddadut as follows! Complete Madness, you say? No! Just slightly GOLFanutye our heroes! With you can download Caddyshack full free HD movie.

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