Captain Sindbad Download in HD torrent

Captain Sindbad Download in HD torrent

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Runtime: 1:31:10
Director: Byron Heskin
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Genre: Fantasy
Year: 1963
Country: United States
Starring: Guy Williams, Heidi Brühl, Pedro Armendáriz, Abraham Sofaer, Bernie Hamilton, Helmut Schneider, Margaret Jahnen, Rolf Vanke, Walter Barnes, James Dobson, Maurice Marsac, Henry Brandon


Ship brave Captain Sinbad the Sailor on his way to a glorious city Baristanu, where a meeting with the brave sailor waiting for a beautiful princess Jana. But the evil ruler of El Karim does not want this meeting, because for a long time chose his wife Jana, and I intend to get married as soon as possible. El Karim planned to kill Sinbad. From the court magician Galgo Jana learns about the danger Sinbad. She asks Galgo turn it into a bird to fly out to meet sailors and warn him of the danger. Galgo fulfills her request, but Sinbad has no idea why it has arrived to this beautiful bird. Meanwhile, El Karim sends in a sea of ​​huge birds of strong warriors who throw the ship Sinbad huge stones. The ship is broken, but the sailors manage to escape. Fishermen pick brave Sinbad ... With the help of this site you can download Captain Sindbad free movie in HD.

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