Carnosaur 2 Download torrent 720p

Carnosaur 2 Download torrent 720p

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Director: Louis Morneau
Year: 1995
Audio: ffaac, 81 kb / s
Runtime: 1:22:07
Country: United States
Genre: Struggle
Starring: Miguel A. Nunez ml., Michael McDonald, Jon Savage, Don Stroud, Rick Dean, Guy Boyd, Cliff De Young, Arabella Holtsbog Nate Hunter, Ryan Thomas Johnson


Artificially created the monster will continue to exist in the film experiment "carnosaurs" 2. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Tiptree, which itself has become a victim of its own research now carnosaurs multiplied. They made a nest in one of the uranium mines and laid eggs. Like any animal, monsters fiercely guard their future offspring, so when there were people, the tragedy occurred. Jack Reed and Tom McQuaid were sent to the leadership in Nevada, where the latest figures in the uranium mine was an unexpected situation. Workers do not get in touch for several hours, so it is urgent to deal with what is happening on the ground. Viewers learn what caused the death of many people, when will watch the movie online. What the experts saw them really shocked. Broken equipment strewn everywhere and the remains of the bodies of the workers. Jack and Tom soundtrack Carnosaur 2 (1995) at a loss trying to understand what happened. One thing was clear - this could not have committed people. The strength of the inhuman, and judging by the bites on their bodies, they were predators. Soon the guys realize what they are doing. Now destroy the nest - the primary task. With the help of this site you can download Carnosaur 2 full movie in HD.

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