Chloe and Theo Download free torrent HD

Chloe and Theo Download free torrent HD

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Country: United States
Year: 2015
Runtime: 1:21:43
Director: Ezna Sands
Genre: Drama
Audio: ffaac, 86 kb / s
Starring: Larry King, Mira Sorvino, Dakota Johnson, Lori Tan Chinn, Adrian Martinez, Ashley Springer, Christopher Backus, Nicole Zioli, Michelle Campbell, Elizabeth Masuchchi


The protagonist of films Chloe and Theo (2015) is a brave Eskimo named Theo, who is leaving his native Arctic and goes straight to New York. He has a very important mission - to meet with world leaders and talk about what catastrophic consequences await the planet in the event that the world will continue to global warming. He had never been in the city and does not know how life works there, but, despite this, the courage to come to the big city to the whole world community to find out which is a great danger. If you watch the movie online, then you can see that on the streets of New York, Theo meets amazing homeless girl Chloe, who listened to his unusual story, decides to help. Chloe starts all over to help the main character of the film Chloe and Theo, because to him there is only posed problem, but how to implement it, he does not know. Then optimistic and confident in the rightness of this case the girl is taken with great enthusiasm for what to make of this, Theo ambassador of peace, which will be able to hear all over the planet. For this, he is developing a plan to implement that will help other caring people. Together they will be able to make a real revolution in the world of environmental policy. With you can download Chloe and Theo full free movie in HD quality.

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