Chuan guo mi zhao Download free 1080p

Chuan guo mi zhao Download free 1080p

Movie Chuan guo mi zhao torrent HD

Runtime: 1:34:27
Country: China
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Year: 1989
Director: Shoukang Yao
Genre: Drama
Starring: Wei He, Victoria tip, Alexei Ivashchenko Boris Bystrov, Valery Ryzhakov Gennady Karpov, Marina Tarasova, Enli Peng, Yanxi Liu


The film is set in 1644, when the Great Ming Dynasty is on the verge of destruction. Emperor Chong Zen quickly releases the imperial edict, ordering Crown Prince Zhu Kilangu hide in Nanjing in the hope that one day he will rise to the throne with the help of the surviving ministers and supporters. Empire burning on both sides: on the one rival dynasty trying to seize territory by war, the other - the insurgent rebels of the South intend to announce their own puppet emperor - Emperor Hong Guang. Both sides compete relentlessly, trying by any means to capture the prince and imperial edict, which he carries. Eunuch Wang Cheng-Yong instructs his nephew Wong Zhimingu, talented fighter and a man of honor, loyal ruling dynasty, to accompany the Crown Prince ... With the help of this site you can download Chuan guo mi zhao free full movie in HD.

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