Cinderella Download free 1080p

Cinderella Download free 1080p

Movie Cinderella free 1080p

Director: Sergei Ivanov
Genre: russian
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Country: Russia
Runtime: 1:28:13
Year: 2012
Starring: Christine Asmus, Nikita Efremov, Artyom Tkachenko, Elizabeth Boyar, Nonna Grishaeva Alexander Cekalo, Yuri Stoyanov, Sergei Burunov Anna Schörling, Margarita Bychkova, Anna Arshava Alexander Bocharov


The film's heroine, Masha Krapivina - yet not beautiful, and not that fabulous clever. Normal girl, risked, like thousands of her peers from different parts of the country, to conquer Moscow, having left his native country town. In the evening studying, and from morning till night working in hazardous work - maid in a very wealthy family. Cereals, of course, are not sorted out, but it works enough: only manage to spin in order to please the ruling mistress and her two daughters, flighty. Masha, meanwhile, like millions of other girls on the ears in love with a famous singer Alexey Korolevich. She - his most devoted fan, alas, without the slightest chance of his familiarity with the subject of girls' dreams. And it must be the same to happen - a noble family receives an invitation to a ball, or rather, a private party, which will meet all the cultural elite of the country, and most importantly - there will be the OH! And it is clear that from this moment Masha is ready for any sacrifice to be there, too. But how? To help our Cinderella, of course, comes in the face of a fairy godmother aunt Agnes, chief editor Yellow PRESS. She is ready to get to a poor cousin coveted invitation, but with one condition: Mary will go to a party with a difficult and rather piquant journalistic task ... In this match the famous fairy tale does not end there: will be here and the King is quite oligarchic and Prince surrounded the whole cage today stars of show business, and the chiming clock, and even the glass slipper, played by ... No, perhaps, even if it is to remain a mystery. The audience can only be happy to follow the ups and downs of the old as the hills, but sooo modern history and hope for a happy ending, of course, if our Cinderella time to time to find out what real prince - not the one she currently nafantazirovala. With the help of this site you can download Cinderella free HD movie.

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