Cuba Cabana Download in HD free

Cuba Cabana Download in HD free

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Runtime: 1:29:24
Genre: Drama
Director: Fritz Peter Buch
Year: 1952
Country: Germany (FRG)
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Starring: Zarah Leander, OV Fischer, Paul Hartmann, Hans Richter, Eduard Linkers, Karl Meixner, Nicolas Colin, Werner Lieven Peter Elsholts, John Pauls-Harding, Hans Holten, Harald Mannl


The singer Arabella has a restaurant with a peaceful night called Frenzy Cuba in the South American port town. The young German reporter Robbie and his friend Billy often in this place. Opponents of the existing power lift in the city of revolutionary rebellion. Robbie as an accomplice of the rebels are pursuing authorities on suspicion of murder. Arabella provides journalists asylum. As days go by, and the heroes of the story fall in love. Lovers are planning to escape from the regime and begin a new life in another country. Arabella asks the influential governor of Ramon, with whom it has long-standing friendship, help her and Robbie from leaving the country. But Ramon, has long had his eye on the singer, it ignores the request and Arabella offers a compromise - to refuse a visa to Robbie. The heroine agrees to it in order to save the life of a loved one, renouncing personal happiness. With you can download Cuba Cabana full free movie in HD quality.

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