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Country: Norway
Director: Tommy Virkola
Audio: ffaac, 193 kb / s
Runtime: 1:40:42
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Christian Fidzhenshou, Ingar Helge Gimli Laufey Elyasdottir, Charlotte Frogner, Orhan Gamst, Jocelyne De, Amrita Acharya, Thomas Torhallur Gudmundsson, Tage Guddingsmo, Carl-Magnus Adner


After the meeting in the mountains with a zombie Nazis, Martin managed to get to civilization, while all his friends were killed. However, the guy forgot the little gifts that he received from his beloved Hannah, — gold coin, which she found in an old house. This coin — part of the treasure, which is subordinate standartenfuehrer Duke collected for his Fuhrer. But even after the death of the Germans did not intend to give anyone their treasures ... With the help of this site you can download Ded Snow 2 free movie in HD.

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