Der kalte Finger Download 1080p 1996

Der kalte Finger Download 1080p 1996

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Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Year: 1996
Country: Germany
Director: Ralph Hyuttner
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 1:30:40
Starring: Grushenko Stevens, Dominic Raacke, Flats, Sophie Roizen, Eva Hassmann Anton Rattinger, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Gayle Tufts, Michael Stehr, Moritz Bleibtreu, Gerald Alexander Held, Maria Schalkhauser


She is one in two persons, these persons opposed. Day - Work telephone operator at a big hospital, the night - all the same work in the phone, but in a sex club. She has regular customers, but the only one she undeniably fantastic. It is a flight of thought is boundless imagination, this clever situation! He - an artist with a great name, more accurately, a pseudonym, she - his canvas. But listening to her, he did not draw on the canvas, he paints in his life, and these paintings terribly bloody. His victims - real women. His hand - a knife, a blowtorch, acid ... Detectives collect corpses in the city. Her life turns into hell. It is surrounded by several men. She can not understand who and why of them pursues her ... With the help of this site you can download Der kalte Finger free movie in HD quality.

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