Do-ga-ni Download free torrent in HD quality

Do-ga-ni Download free torrent in HD quality

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Genre: Drama
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 2:04:58
Year: 2011
Director: Dong Hyeuk Hwang
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Starring: Yu Cong, Yu Mi Jeong, Kim Hyeon-soo, Ji-Yeon Kim, Jeong In-seo, Baek Seung-Hwan, Yu Park


The protagonist arrives from Seoul to a small town to the place of art teacher at a local school for deaf children. It is a lonely young father, for whom it is important to make some money for the treatment of sick daughter. So he is willing to put up with minor problems that arise immediately in his new job. But when the hero becomes a witness to a strange attitude of the teaching staff to the deaf students, in terms of his personal troubles wedged something more serious and terrible ... With you can download Do-ga-ni free full HD movie.

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