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Download A-i-deul ... free movie 1080p

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Year: 2011
Country: South Korea
Genre: Thriller
Director: Kyoo-man Lee
Runtime: 2:11:40
Audio: MP3, 56 kb / s
Starring: Park Yong-In, Seung-Jung Rio, Dong-il Song, Ji-ru Sung, Kim Yo-Jin, Byeong-eun Park, Jin Mo Kim Ku Taek, Mi-hyeon Park, Sang-hee Lee, Deok-jae Jo, Seo Yong-hwa


The film is based on a true story - the unsolved murder known in Korea called the disappearance of frogs children. In 1991, five elementary school students told their parents that they were going to catch some frogs in a nearby mountain. They never returned home. With you can download Ai-deul ... full movie in HD quality.

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