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Audio: ffaac, 104 kb / s
Year: 2014
Genre: Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:02:23
Director: Anton Corbijn
Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe, Rachel McAdams, Homayoun Ershad, Nina Hoss, Daniel Brühl, Anatoly Hropov, Mehdi Dehbi, Rainer Bock, Gregory Dobrygin


Every war starts with fear. Each betrayal begins with trust. The head of the secret intelligence unit is assigned to an international search for a dangerous fugitive Issa Karpov, who was out of sympathy harboring a young girl-lawyer. When in pursuit of intelligence come from other countries, begins a large spy game in which anyone can be baited or shark. A national security often depends on simple human emotions. With the help of you can download A Most Wanted Man full free HD movie.

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