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Download 2011 720p

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Year: 2011
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Director: Shankhadeep
Country: India
Runtime: 1:44:23
Genre: Drama
Starring: Ishaan Manhaas, Dheeraj Miglani, Priti Gandwani, Shubhi Ahuja, Kamal Malik, Amit Dhamidzha, Kalpesh, Amit Chheda, Shashikant Chheda, Shankhadeep, Bharat Parthsarthi, Nitin Gupta


Cyrus and April meet by chance on the internet and begin to chat, feeling the mutual attraction. April, Indian Cinderella lives with her stepmother and half-sisters, who, after the death of her own father began to treat her like a servant. She's going to college and to have pocket money working part-time. Cyrus, too, going to college, enjoys swimming, dreams of becoming a writer, but hides his dream from his father, who wants to see her son swimming champion. Young people are nice talking, without ever revealing their identities, but then patience came to an end and they have agreed to meet. Once it so happened that Cyrus could not also good to understand and evaluate the identity of April as she did. April thinks he is too good for her, and avoids meetings with him out of fear of being rejected, while Cyrus is looking for her everywhere, the only one who could understand him as a friend and as a beloved ... Will Cyrus take April for what is, it in fact? April Will the courage to be themselves and live their lives? With the help of you can download full free movie in HD. Screenshots

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