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Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Genre: Fantasy
Year: 1997
Country: new Zealand
Runtime: 1:29:35
Director: Tim Boksell
Starring: Pamela Gidle Simon Bossell Valery Nikolaev, Helen Moulder, Norman Forsey, Merlin


In the small resort town of Langdon, the western United States, strange things are happening: the field throughout the entire population of animals are dying rapidly, and at the same time start to appear all over the laying of eggs contaminated with some mucus. Local biologist Marshall Clark and the girl Amy Harding discover that brood from these eggs are terrible lizard-mutants, Amy and Marshall decide to leave this place, but the beginning of a snow storm forces them to go back. Cut off from the world and fighting for their lives, they realize that if they are ahead of the enemy at least one step, they are doomed. With you can download Aberration full free movie in HD quality.

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