Download Aeja 1080p free torrent

Download Aeja 1080p free torrent

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Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Runtime: 1:50:15
Year: 2009
Country: South Korea
Director: Gi-hoon Jeong
Genre: Drama
Starring: Choi Kang Hee, Ang th Kim Soo-Bin Bai, Il-hwa Choi, Byeong-sook Seong, Hyon-Jin Sa, Hae-yeong Choi, Yun-seo Choi, Geon-yeong Go, Seo-yeong Heo, Ja -kyeong Hwang, Yun-suk Hwang


E Zha good student in school, but often skip class. She was by nature given talent for writing, and on rainy days, she often went to the sea to write poetry. As a teenager, e Zha wanted to study abroad, but instead of her mother sent to her brother dullish, considering that e Zha can learn and in his hometown. 10 years later, at the age of 30 years, E Zha all the same continues to write, not wanting to find a job and get married, as her mother wants. Besides, she still as rowdy as in the teenage years and often gets into trouble, which is why they constantly quarrel with his mother. In short, the relationship they still are, continuous bickering ... E Zha reproaches her mother that she did not give her anything, but in everything helps his brother. Mothers do not like living in her e Zha something years ... Everything changes when she learns of his mother's illness. It would seem that they have several years of living apart, but gradually e Zha realizes he does not want to part with it ... With you can download Aeja free full movie in HD quality.

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