Download Aka x Pinku 2014 in HD

Download Aka x Pinku 2014 in HD

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Year: 2014
Genre: Struggle
Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Country: Japan
Audio: ffaac, 84 kb / s
Runtime: 2:07:56
Starring: Yuria Haga Hideo Sakaki, Rina Koike, Sho Nishino, Ayame Misaki Misaki Momos, Takahisa Maeyama, Sanae Hitomi, Rin Sakuragi, Haruka Ohshima


In the basement of an abandoned school in Roppongi each week are fighting without rules called Bloody woman. In these battles, the four girls are involved, each of which has its own story hit the ring. Satsuki suffering from gender identity disorder (can not decide who her inner self - boy or girl). Chinatsu ran away from her husband, a bastard. Mika is the queen of S and M. And Mayu innocent face Lolita ... Each of them can stand up for themselves. That's just what happens when they come together in the ring against each other ... With the help of this site you can download Aka x Pinku full free HD movie.

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