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Audio: ffaac, 86 kb / s
Year: 2005
Runtime: 1:31:33
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jessica Nilsson
Country: Denmark
Starring: Gry Bay, Adrian Bouchet, Eileen Daly, Thomas Raft, Ovid, Morten Schelbech, Thomas Lundy, Seimi Nand # 248; rregaard, Patrick Agergaard, Thomas Stegler.


Anna meets with Camilla. They have a lot in common, especially their united by the desire to be free and to live happily. Each of the girls their own experience, often bitter. Anna recently broke up with her boyfriend, and she does not want to link my heart with new serious relationship. But here there is a situation in which you need to choose between a promising work in France, and suddenly from somewhere like the devil from a snuffbox arising Johan former lover with whom Anna had not seen for many years. And Camilla has become part of her life. What to choose? With the help of this site you can download All About Anna free movie in HD.

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