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Download Amor Estranho Amor HD free movie

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Audio: ffaac, 129 kb / s
Country: Brazil
Year: 1982
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 2:00:10
Director: Walter Hugo Khoury
Starring: Vera Fischer, Tarsiziu Meira, Shusha Menegel Iris Bruzzi, Walter Forster, Marcelo Ribeiro, Maura Mendonca, Madame Adelube, Vanessa Alves, Carmen Angelica, Jairo Arco e Flexa, Otavio Augusto


Mr. Hugo returns to the place where he spent his childhood. They are filled with vivid images of his memories. He recalls the house that once served as a luxurious brothel, and for a time was the only refuge, he and his mother, who was forced to work there. As a small boy, he kept at it, often staying alone. Left to himself in such an environment, he could not find the adventure, seemingly strange for a child his age. It was there that his mesmerizing confusion adulthood filled with unrestrained sex. Prostitutes do not disregard the appearance of their home young Hugo. Tired of the wealthy society starikanov they often go to his room, surrounding Hugo female affection, but the mother of his son jealously guards against excessive interest in his colleagues. Behind these disturbing memories and returns to these places no longer young Hugo ... With you can download Amor Estranho Amor full movie in HD quality.

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