Download Arranged in HD quality 2007

Download Arranged in HD quality 2007

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Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1:32:08
Country: United States
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Director: Diane Crespo
Year: 2007
Starring: Zoe Lister Jones, Francis Benhamou, Mimi Lieber, John Rothman, Sarah Lord, Trevor Brown, Doris Belak, Laith Stick, Jason Liebman, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Peggy Gormley, David Castro


Two young teacher, Nazir and Rachel begin their teaching career in one of the schools in Brooklyn. Nazira a child brought up in a strict religious rules of a Muslim family, and Rachel - the orthodox Jew. Despite the variety of religion, women will soon become best friends. In fact, they have much in common, but most importantly - their families are engaged in an active search of worthy suitors for their daughters of marriageable age ... With you can download Arranged full movie in HD.

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