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Download Berge in Flammen 720p for free

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Genre: Drama
Director: Karl Hartl
Audio: faad, 83 kb / s
Runtime: 1:33:48
Country: Germany
Year: 1931
Starring: Luis Trenker, Lissy Arna, Luigi Serventi, Claus Clausen, Erika Dannhoff, Paul Graetz, Michael von Nevlinski, Emmerich Albert Louis Jerold, Hans Jamnig, Hugo Lehner, Roland Von Rossi


The film depicts an episode since the first World War, which took place in the Tyrolean mountains. Austrian battalion holds positions at the top, and since it is not a direct attack to take Italian soldiers are trying to lay the dynamite and blow up the enemy positions. While the Austrians, powerless to resist the enemy maneuver confused listening to the ominous rumbling in the belly of the mountain, one of the Austrian officers on skis performs a desperate sortie in his native village, where the Italians have treated themselves to headquarters. The film glorifies military prowess, when the officer performs his destiny - becomes a hero ... With the help of you can download Berge in Flammen free full movie in HD.

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