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Download Beul-la-in-deu full movie 1080p

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Runtime: 1:50:44
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Country: South Korea
Year: 2011
Director: Sang-hoon Ahn
Genre: Thriller
Starring: Kim Ha-neul, Son Ho Yu, Joe Hui-Bon, Yang Yeong-jo, Mi-Kyeong Kim, Choong-seon Park, Park Bo-Geom, Dal-i, Won Poong-Yeon, Choi Eun-Seok, Dae- hwan Oh, Mingzhi Song


A young girl, a university student, vanishes without a trace, and a few days of her death hit by a car, which is hidden from the scene. The police accepted for investigation of these two cases, suggesting that most likely, the thief, and knocked down the driver - one and the same person. Virtually the only clue that could help establish the identity of the perpetrator, it is the testimony of two witnesses - a young man Kee SOPA and blind girl Su A student of promise the National Police Academy. But the problem is that they talk about what happened quite differently, insisting that everyone on the right. Will the detectives unravel this tangle of contradictions, to restore the real course of events and to find the culprit? With you can download Beul-la-in-deu full free movie in HD.

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