Download Biodagar 720p 1993

Download Biodagar 720p 1993

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Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Runtime: 1:22:15
Genre: Drama
Country: Iceland
Director: Fridriksson Fridrik Thor
Year: 1993
Starring: Ervar Jens Arnarson, Rurik Haraldsson, Sigrun Hyalmtyusdottir, Orri Helgason, Jon Sigurbernsson, Gudrun Ausmundsdottir, Asta Esper Hagen Andersen, Otto Sander, Bjarni Ingvarsson, Bjork Jakobsdóttir, Sigyurdyur Sigyuryounsson, Torhallur Sigurdsson


Little boy Thomas sword to shoot this movie. He wants unimportant Icelandic town has turned into a Hollywood haven. To do this, he needs one small thing - your imagination. While the days of cinema will continue, Thomas will discover the many stories that will be able to remove at least a hundred movies - and about the Russian spies, and about Icelandic ghosts, about Hitler, about the crabs that eat the sheep, about Jesus Christ, about the US Army, about perverts, storytellers and funeral agents. With the help of you can download Biodagar free full HD movie.

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