Download Birth of a Warrior 1080p free torrent

Download Birth of a Warrior 1080p free torrent

Download Birth of a Warrior free 1080p

Genre: Struggle
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Runtime: 1:23:15
Director: Gordon Uaddell
Country: Australia
Year: 2012
Starring: Ki Chan, Patrick Thompson, Kate Rayerson Chan Griffin, Rob Flanagan, Steve Morris, Matt Ruddock, Adrian Brown, Mark Duncan, Michael Duncan, Brian Allison, Kim Fardy


Abandoned zhennschina leaves on the steps of the temple of the child, who take to themselves the monks who live there. The baby, nicknamed White, growing, exploring meditation and kung fu under the supervision of master Tenzinya. Ten years of orphan brought up in the temple. Over time, grow stronger friendship between the young apprentice wizard Tenzinya. Years later, White and his fellow training Jamyang hear noise while walking through the temple. A gang of thieves snuck into the temple and attacked the master Tenzinya stealing ancient and powerful secrets of the monks, which they defended for centuries, the statue, as well as stealing the Sierra! White, holding his dying at the hands of teachers, vows to return everything to its rightful place at all costs ... With you can download Birth of a Warrior free movie in HD.

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