Download Blind Fortune free 720p

Download Blind Fortune free 720p

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Genre: Documentary
Audio: ffaac, 128 kb / s
Runtime: 00:58:38
Year: 2012
Director: Peter Van Hyusti
Country: Netherlands
Starring: -


In Spain, the hunters become luck in every town lottery tickets. In small stalls sell them blind vendors operating in the Spanish National Association of the Blind, which provides their work and training. Founders of the project talk about the world of the blind merchants lottery tickets from the city of Malaga. Many of them are blind from birth, but there are those who have lost their vision due to injury or illness, and some people are still sighted, but rapidly losing vision. What the world sees a man who was going blind? He sees the blind darkness? Heroes paintings talk about their perception of the world. This is the personal stories that are intertwined with stories about winning and losing lottery tickets. Can money bring happiness or is it an illusion? With you can download Blind Fortune full free movie in HD.

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