Download Cennet 1080p 2008

Download Cennet 1080p 2008

Movie Cennet free 1080p

Director: Biray Dalkiran
Runtime: 1:48:48
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Country: Turkey
Starring: Engin Altan, Fahriye Evcen, Zeynep Pabuccuoglu, Sendogan Oksuz, Aytac Agirlar, Tulay Bekret, Cuneyt Sayil, Mehmet Birkiye


Bharat - a college student who is studying to be an engineer, but dreams of a theatrical career. One day, together with his friend Karthik he plays in the theater of a man posing as a director just watched the play. The result is surprising: the credulous stranger called to sponsor a new show. What at first was taken as a joke, it is gradually taking shape. Thus was born the theater troupe Heaven, which includes Bharat and Kartik, their longtime girlfriend collegiate amounts and her boyfriend Ranjit, who dreams of becoming an actress Diya, lighting and an aging writer Irshad Rasheed. Guys want to win the contest of young performers, which conducts the National Association for the Performing Arts, but they do not have the participation of the five productions, as a sponsor, as luck would have interrupted the flow of cash. And then, when they are so puzzled by finding money on the next play, fate makes an unexpected turn. With the help of this site you can download Cennet free full movie in HD.

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