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Download Christmas Crash torrent in HD

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Year: 2009
Director: Terry Ingram
Runtime: 1:26:43
Country: Canada
Audio: MP3, 96 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Starring: Michael Madsen, Alexandra Paul, Elyse Levesque, Melanie Papalia, Winston Rekert, Ron Lea, Brendan Penny, Angus Forbes, Chris Shields, Wesley Salter, Kurt Max Runt, Jeanette Antonio


Christmas holidays are coming, but Joseph Johnson, as always, only thinks about his multimillion business. Once beloved by them, and now desperate wife, Christine, and their two daughters, forced him to promise that he will hold celebrations with them in a family house on the coast. There Joseph convinces Christine to fly with him Kepteynz lagoons on their small plane. Tensions between the spouses increases. As soon as they come to the conclusion that divorce is inevitable, - the aircraft engine suddenly fails, and he falls. Joseph seriously wounded, but Christine takes control of the situation. While her daughter did not find their parents, they will have to endure the cold and to fend off the wolves. Choose whether Joseph and Christina live out of this mess? Will they find the culprit in the crash of their plane and why someone suddenly needed to kill them? With the help of you can download Christmas Crash free full movie in HD quality.

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