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Audio: MP3, 48 kb / s
Director: István Bujtor
Runtime: 1:22:40
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1982
Country: Hungary
Starring: István Bujtor, Laszlo Banhidi, Gyula Bodrogi, Changyi Janos Laszlo Dotsa, Antal Farkas, Peter Hintze, Istvan Hunyadkurty, Andras Kern, Gabor Koncz, Janos Kovacs, Laszlo Kozak


In the area of ​​Lake Balaton, mysterious murders happen. These places are shrouded in mystery and constantly attracted treasure hunters: during the Second World War, the Germans hid here countless treasures. Someone Sybil Gudrat from Germany reported in Hungarian police that she knew the whereabouts of the stolen in wartime Budapest museum jewels. Investigation of the murders, Major Kardosz charge. He takes on the case, but in search of treasure has a lot of competitors. Helps Kardosz his faithful friend - a policeman, nicknamed Superman Etvash droplet. With the help of you can download Csak semmi panik ... full movie in HD.

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