Download Danger Beneath the Sea torrent HD

Download Danger Beneath the Sea torrent HD

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Audio: faad, 74 kb / s
Runtime: 1:28:13
Year: 2001
Genre: Thriller
Country: United States
Director: Jon Cassar
Starring: Casper Van Dien, Gerald MakReyni, Stewart Bick, Tammy Isbell, Ron White, Vince Corazza, Paul Essiembre, Dominic Zamprogna Michael MacLachlan, Jim Thorburn, Justin Peroff, Joel Gordon


Next to the US atomic submarine Lansing blows off course the North Korean nuclear missile. Communication with the headquarters of the fleet lost. In an atmosphere of radioactivity detected signs. Deciding that a nuclear war, the team is preparing to strike back. Most of the officers in favor of the most resolute action. They plan to operate the launch of nuclear missiles. Having arrested the captain of Sheffield, who does not believe that the beginning of the third world and refuses to give the order to open the missile hatches. Sheffield Before a difficult task: to seize control of the captain's bridge and run until the end of his duty. Meanwhile, the commander of the submarine fleet orders to track and thwart nuclear submarine, out-of-control ... With you can download Danger Beneath the Sea full movie in HD.

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