Download Die Apothekerin 720p full movie

Download Die Apothekerin 720p full movie

Download Die Apothekerin free 720p

Director: Rainer Kaufmann
Runtime: 1:43:55
Year: 1997
Country: Germany
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Katja Riemann, Jürgen Vogel, Richie Muller, Isabella Parkinson, Augusts Tsirner, Dagmar Mantsel, Andrea Sawatzki, Joachim Tomaszewski, Daniel Legler, Eva Ingeborg Scholz, Friedrich von Thun, Jan Gregor Kremp


Helle dad as a child is not allowed to eat meat, insisting on a vegetarian diet. All members of the family, however, without the knowledge of his father overeat meat, and then pretended to be happy to eat plants. The school Hella fascinated by dissection of animals, and then deliberately killed a classmate. The boys did not like it. As an adult, Hella, nourishing a secret passion for poisons chosen job pharmacist, dreamed, like all normal women, her husband, baby and home. She meets a young man, whose grandfather in his will leaves his entire fortune and that the villa, who will marry his grandson. Santa poison. This is followed by a whole string of murders ... With the help of this site you can download Die Apothekerin full free HD movie.

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