Download Die blaue Hand 1967 1080p

Download Die blaue Hand 1967 1080p

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Genre: Horrors
Director: Alfred Forer
Year: 1967
Runtime: 1:23:44
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Country: Germany (FRG)
Starring: Harald Laypnits, Klaus Kinski, Carl Lange, Ilse Shteppat, Hermann Lenschau, Diane Kerner, wife Gudrun, Albert Bessler, Richard Hailler, Ilse Pag, Fred Haltiner, Peter Parten


Dave Emerson is in a psychiatric hospital for a murder he insists, never committed. One day, Dave managed to escape. He's hiding in his family's Gothic mansion. But soon in the nearby town performed a series of mysterious murders. Escaped Dave becomes the prime suspect. Scotland Yard detectives Craig and John appear in Emerson Manor to learn, to see whether there Dave. They met Dave's twin brother named Richard. He claims that he has no idea where his brother is. Gradually, under the suspicion of the police begin to get all the strange inhabitant of Emerson Manor. But as the number of dead is increasing even faster, the Craig and John have to hurry to calculate the serial killer ... With the help of you can download Die blaue Hand full movie in HD.

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