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Download Die Friseuse for free 720p

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Genre: Comedy
Country: Germany
Year: 2010
Director: Doris Dёrri
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Runtime: 1:46:05
Starring: Maria Gabriela Shmayde, Natascha Lawiszus, Ill-Young Kim, Christina Gross, Rolf Tsaher, Maria Happel, Maren Kroyman Matthias Frayhof, Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss, Hjørdis Triebel, Josip Culjak, Katarina Darryl


Unemployed, but cheeful Katie decides to radically change their lives and to begin to get back to where he once was happy - in Berlin's Marzahn. Unpacking boxes, Katie starts to the next step - finding a job. The employment offices look for her place of which she always dreamed of - in the elite beauty salon. Katie, who studied at the barber in the years of the GDR, is ready to start tomorrow, but her candidacy rejected owner of the salon, Mrs. Krieger, - the fact that Katie, a woman in the body, does not meet the high standards of the institution. But Katie is not going to so easily give up his dream and decides to open his own barber shop in the former premises of the Asian restaurant next door to the salon Krieger. With the help of you can download Die Friseuse free full movie in HD.

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