Download Die weiBe Rose free in HD quality

Download Die weiBe Rose free in HD quality

Movie Die weiBe Rose full HD

Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Year: 1982
Genre: Drama
Director: Michael Ferhёven
Country: Germany (FRG)
Runtime: 1:59:21
Starring: Lena Stolze, Wulf Kessler Oliver Siebert, Ulrich Tukur, Werner Stocker, Martin Benrath, Anja Kruse, Ulf-Jurgen Wagner, Mechthild Reinders, Peter Kortenbach, Gerhard Friedrich, Sabine Kretsshmar


The story is based on a true psychological drama story about brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl. They stand in the middle of a small student team, which acts against Nazism, it spreads anti-Hitler leaflets and struggling against the regime in Munich and elsewhere. In 1943, all members of the group were sentenced to death ... With the help of this site you can download Die weiBe Rose full free movie in HD quality.

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