Download DOA: Dead or Alive HD free

Download DOA: Dead or Alive HD free

Download DOA: Dead or Alive torrent HD

Runtime: 1:26:10
Audio: mpg123, 32 kb / s
Year: 2006
Country: United States
Director: Corey Yuen
Genre: Struggle
Starring: Eric Roberts, Sarah Carter, Jaime Pressly, Natasha Malta, Devon Aoki, Matthew Marsden, Kane Kosugi, J. Bryan. White, Steve Howe, Holly Valance, Vasily Dahnenko Tatiana Shitova


"Dead or Alive" - ​​is not a game or a Hollywood blockbuster, and the world famous martial arts tournament, which is attended by athletes from different countries. It is held on the exotic island: After each round, the loser leaves the island, and the winner goes to the next round. The winner besides moral satisfaction relies large sum of money - $ 10 million, for which the competition will compete in the final four participants. Unlike many other sports, there is no place for chauvinism and silly stereotypes, and this year will be the most dangerous fighters of the three girls. One of them - Princess Kasumi, which seeks to find the missing brother at the last tournament, the second - aferistka Christie, arrived on the island for the money, and the third - wrestler Tina, which seeks to test yourself and show others what can. The problem is that the organizer of the tournament, none of them wants to give money and came up with something interesting. With you can download DOA: Dead or Alive free full movie in HD quality.

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