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Runtime: 1:35:36
Audio: ffaac, 87 kb / s
Director: Marco Petri
Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014
Starring: Oliver Korittke, Gerd Knebel, J. Alexander. Beck, Anna Bёger, Ivo Cortland, Ella Maria Gollmer, Kathrin-Maryn Enders, Dean Lennard Liebrenz, Selma Louise Cossham, Zoe Ltshmann


The boys in their teens often think about the main thing, as it seems, the organ in which lies the happiness in his personal life. A guy named Andy from the movie play doctor experienced in school because of the small size. It seemed that no girl would want him to have intimacy and will laugh. Complexes of childhood have not gone away, even when Andy grew up. He was madly in love girl Katya. She is the most beautiful and charming of all the people he knows. In front of her boyfriend she lost, confused and can not admit his feelings. But there is another problem. Kate is in love with another young man named Bobby. Finally, Andy knew he had no chance to win the heart of the beautiful after seeing this very Bobby in the shower. Soon the film Doctorspiele (2014) will begin the real fight, because to make things worse protagonist added another in the face of his childhood friend Lily. This fun-loving and mischievous little girl came to visit and, of course, wanted to see him. Once they played together in the sandbox, but these times have passed. Both have matured. Everything else, Andy suddenly felt that Lily showing interest in him. Yes, here and Kate go for it. Definitely worth watching the movie online, to find out who this guy chooses. With the help of this site you can download Doktorspiele free full movie in HD.

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