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Genre: Comedy
Year: 1937
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Director: Theodore Reed
Runtime: 1:30:38
Country: United States
Starring: Bing Crosby, Martha Ray, Andy Devine, Mary Carlisle, William Frawley, Benny Baker, Samuel S. Hinds, William Henry, Fay Holden, Bert Hanlon, Gilbert Emery, Walter Kingsford


Eccentric millionaire philanthropist Axel Clark wanted to prove that all people are basically honest and good. After his death, according to his will, the lawyers are scattered in different places of the city 25 wallets each containing $ 100, and a business card with phone numbers and addresses of lawyers. Found four decent man who returned wallets and tightened suddenly find themselves in a kind of lottery. Will says - the first man to be able to double the honest way to repay a $ 5000 one month, Clark will inherit all the property. Otherwise, all the property goes greedy brother Clark, who is determined to thwart this plan ... With you can download Double or Nothing full HD movie.

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