Download EMR free in HD quality

Download EMR free in HD quality

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Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Country: United States
Runtime: 1:26:25
Year: 2004
Genre: Thriller
Director: James Erskine
Starring: Anthony Azizi, Gil Bellows, Kate Buffer George Kalil, Lara Cazalet, Kevin Christy, Whitney Cummings, Toby Dantzic, Jose de Valencia, Richard Dillane, Jeremy Edwards, Jade Gordon


Adam - a lonely young man who suffers from epilepsy. He works for a large company farmatsepticheskoy in London. He has no friends, the only person with whom he speaks - this is his virtual girlfriend Lisa, who lives in San Francisco, he had never met in real life. One evening, during an attack, he loses consciousness, and when it comes to, I was surprised to realize that he was in bed with Lisa on the other side of the world ... again lost consciousness, he wakes up just for the fact that to find yourself in Mexico bathtub full of his own blood and with an ugly scar on his back in the place where it should be ... But attack the kidneys passes and Adam is at home in London. To write off all the nightmares he goes to work, but why is so clearly hurts the scar on his back, and at work he claimed that he had been absent for over a month ... With the help of you can download EMR free movie in HD quality.

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