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Runtime: 1:50:30
Year: 2002
Genre: Drama
Audio: mpg123, 56 kb / s
Country: United States
Director: Michael Apted
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Bill Campbell, Tessa Allen Juliette Lewis, Dan Futterman, Noah Wyle, Fred Ward, Janet Carroll, Bill Cobbs, Christopher Maher, Bruce A. Young, Bruce French


Life waitress Slim radically changes when she meets a wealthy stranger Mitch. They fall in love, get married, buy a nice house, and gave birth to a daughter. But the delightful happy new life Slim also comes to an end. Her husband is not perfect, slim and learns about his infidelity. Insulted the behavior of her husband, Slim tries to escape from him, but hardened Mitch now represents a mortal threat to her and her five year old daughter. Fleeing from her husband, Slim decides to take serious measures. She hides a daughter, and she changed mentally and physically, intending to show Mitch that had enough ... With the help of this site you can download Enough full movie in HD quality.

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