Download Fantozzi - Il ritorno torrent 1080p

Download Fantozzi - Il ritorno torrent 1080p

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Runtime: 1:36:38
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Country: Italy
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1996
Director: Neri Parenti
Starring: Paolo Villaggio, Maurizio Antonini, Bernabuchchi Angelo, Tony Brennero, Achille Brunini, Alberto Colaianni, Gianni Franco Giuliano Gizella, Big Jimmy, Maria Cristina Macca, Giulio Massimino, Maurizio Mattioli


Fantozzi can not live without adventure. In this series Fantozzi granddaughter abducted for ransom, Fantozzi rushes to find her; slanders in phone sex huge sums; Signor Silvani want to have cosmetic surgery and under the guise of pregnant from him, Fantozzi takes money; Accountant jailed ... With the help of you can download Fantozzi - Il ritorno full free movie in HD.

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