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Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Year: 1974
Country: Poland
Genre: Drama
Director: Ian Rybkovsky
Runtime: 1:34:25
Starring: Wojciech Pshonyak Marek Bargelovsky, Wanda Neumann, Franciszek Stove, Boleslav Carpenter, Henrik Bonk, Tadeusz Byaloschinsky, Janusz Bylchinsky, Wlodzimierz Machudzinsky, Czeslaw Volleyko, Andrzej Shalyavsky, Iga Mayr


972 years after Christ. Before the decisive battle with the Saxons, the prince of the tribe Glades battling a mysterious fever. The witch-sorceress makes him his sentence, the prince will gain health and win, but reconciled with the spirit of his late father. The night before the battle, the leader has to relive his first feats and fatal mistakes, bloody fights and betrayal allies to overcome their fears. Will Prince blessings of ancestors to become the first ruler of the Polish state and write their accomplishments in the annals of Europe? Fate has prepared him a test worthy of the great hero of his people! With you can download Gniazdo free full movie in HD quality.

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