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Download Housekeeping 720p torrent

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Country: United States
Director: Jennifer Harrington
Genre: Thriller
Audio: ffaac, 87 kb / s
Runtime: 1:28:16
Year: 2013
Starring: Carlos Fogle, Jennifer Akana-Sturla, Blair Wójcik, Monica Percich, Eric Gosselin, Adriana Solis, Peter Schlechter, Jessica Gosselin, Angelique Hicke, Jon Livingston


At that time, when the girl Lucy has a lot of awards, a diploma qualifying law specialist, but all that did not help her in the film Maid to find work profession. Now, she is forced to go to a regular service, which immediately finds a job workers have terrible woman Lindsay, which will be able to spoil the life of our heroine. Before you go to work, Lindsay left a note with the need to work as a home away from the very. Morning, all this is very disturbing character who does not understand what she was, and who is in fact the case. If she previously knew that she would have to endure in this house, and all the consequences this may cause, she would have run away before. The film Housekeeping (2013), from the first day, the girl gets to hell, because she sees that Lindsay just mocks her, doing everything to provoke a girl to unnecessary life. Watch a movie in good quality, I would recommend this one. Lucy knows that if it does not hold in this House a few days, it gets a real mental hospital. What now to go through a girl who dreams of a glorious future? With the help of this site you can download Housekeeping free movie in HD quality.

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