Download How It's Made full movie in HD quality

Download How It's Made full movie in HD quality

Dowload movie How It's Made free HD

Runtime: 00:21:51
Director: Gabriel Hoss
Year: 2013
Genre: Documentary
Audio: ffaac, 98 kb / s
Country: Canada
Starring: Lynn Adams, June Uollek Brooks Moore, Tony Hirst, Zack Fine, Lynn Herzeg, Mark Tewksbury


Have you ever wondered how to make simple, everyday things? Discovery Channel presents film series "How it works", while viewing that viewers will be able to go behind the scenes in the production of the most simple things, starting with hand saws and ending with the drill bit. The transfer will show you how to do these things deceptively simple. Every day, we use thousands of items and not even aware of how they are produced. How are made of aluminum ladders, helmets for firefighters and engine blocks? These and many other questions you will find answers in the program "How it works". Before you brought dozens of conveyors, where right before your eyes turn raw materials into a finished product. Surprisingly, many familiar to us things are done in the high-tech equipment around the world. With the help of this site you can download How It's Made free full movie in HD.

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