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Runtime: 1:40:15
Genre: Comedy
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Director: Steno
Year: 1959
Country: France
Starring: Toto, Aldo Fabrizi, Kate Caro Luciano Marin, Anna Campori, Nando Bruno, Miranda Campa, Fernand Sardou, Anna Maria Bottini, Ciccio Barbie Pierre Arico, Ignazio Leone


Convinced that taxes are too high, the store owner Torkato Petstsella fabrics, like to hide their income, or at least part of them. Dodger different ways distracts inspector checking the financial affairs Torkato from a careful reading of books. Meanwhile, the daughter of a tax collector - Laura falls in love with the son of a merchant - Tino ... With you can download I tartassati free movie in HD.

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