Download Il partigiano Johnny 1080p for free

Download Il partigiano Johnny 1080p for free

Movie Il partigiano Johnny free 1080p

Director: Guido Chiesa
Country: Italy
Runtime: 2:06:38
Genre: Drama
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Year: 2000
Starring: Stefano Dionisia, Andrea Prodan, Fabrizio Dzhifuni Giuseppe Chederna Alberto Dzhiminyani, Claudio Amendola Stefano Skerini, Chiara Muti, Umberto Orsini, Barbara Lerici, Felice Andreazi Lina Bernardi


Italy, in 1943. Johnny finishes Literary University and returned to his hometown - Alba. Around hosted Nazis. He was forced to hide, because it's not who joined fascist troops - and declared deserters should be shot. But John does not want to sit at home and wait for their fate meekly, besides endangering his family. He needs not mere aspirations, but concrete action. Full of courage and enthusiasm, it is adjacent to the first comer partisan detachments: Now he and his supporters would fight against the hated regime, accomplished the feat, which then write the books. But the war there is a downside ... With you can download Il partigiano Johnny full movie in HD quality.

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