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Runtime: 1:41:54
Country: United States
Director: Tarsem Singh
Audio: MP3, 56 kb / s
Year: 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Starring: Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, John Hurt, Joseph Morgan, Anne Day-Jones, Greg Brajko, Alan Van Sprang


Immortals - a fantasy thriller American production. Once upon a time there was a battle with the gods and the Titans, with the result that the latter were concluded in the depths of Tartarus. The gods on Mount Olympus, sat down and created man. People become autocratic, have ceased to believe in the gods. King Hyperion, collecting many thousands of the army and wants to find the creation of Ares - Epirus Bow. Thanks to the power that is in the bow can unleash the Titans from prison to overthrow the Olympian gods. To find a weapon, the king uses Phaedra visionary gift that points to the temple on the lands of Greece. It is home to the boy Theseus, who taught the art of war Zeus himself. Hyperion leads his army into the ground, killing the mother of Theseus, and he himself takes prisoner. Phaedra Theseus meets and sees it as a favorite. After escaping Phaedra persuaded the young man to return to his homeland and bury his mother. In the temple, burial Theseus finds Epirus Bow. After that, they pursue the king Hyperion, but there are an army of the king, who take the artifact. The young man gets to Mount Tartarus, where it is combined with an army of allies. There they will be not an easy fight with the soldiers of the king. At this time, Hyperion releases the Titans. You can watch movies online Immortals (2011) and learn how to develop the story. With you can download Immortals free full movie in HD.

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